Speech is the stream of thought moving outward from the soul to the lips.

Plato from The Sophist

Here are sixty statements about stuttering. Some of these may be characteristic of your stuttering. Read each item carefully and respond as carefully as possible. If the following applies to your stuttering, click the box beside the question, if it is not characteristic, leave the box blank.

These questions only refer to what you do now, not to what was true of your stuttering in the past and which you no longer do; and not to what you think you should or should not be doing. Even if the behavior described occurs only occasionally or only in some speaking situations, if you regard it as characteristic of your stuttering, check the box beside the answer.

After you take the PSI test, you are encouraged to visit StutteringEvaluator.org for another free web-based stuttering evaluation. Your PSItest.org login name and password will also work for StutteringEvaluator.org